Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm having a very nice Thanksgiving holiday and hope you are too! I've had all week to cook so today all I have to do is bake one last pie, bake bread, and make the gravy. Last year I got distracted in the final gravy-making hour and it boiled over and was ruined. I spent hours yesterday on this wreath and just had the most wonderful time. It might be my favorite floral work I have ever done. 
The pumpkin pies are always the last thing I cook Wednesday night before I go to bed. Usually they go in at 3 or even 4 am. Last night then went in at 12am on the dot. 
Very different florals for me. As you've probably noticed I often stick with a monochromatic color scheme. But I was feeling the red and yellow vibe and went with it. These arrangements remind me of my Aunt Patti. She loved these colors together. Miss you Patti.
I'll update again soon. Hope you all have a lovely holiday! And wish me luck with the gravy! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Barbie

It was over a year I toiled with getting another dog. I had my heart set on so many different dogs in that year-Samoyeds, Huskies, Malamutes, Afghan Hounds, Chows-but it was Barbie I couldn't live without. The stars aligned and the time was right.
It was a Saturday morning I found her on Petfinder and Sunday afternoon she was home with me. Living a very different life from what would have been Amish country! 
No pedigree, no AKC. Rescuing a dog has been such an incredibly fulfilling experience for me and I just wish I could do it over and over again. 
Her birthday cookie is the treat recipe formed into a disc with blueberries for the 1. She shares her (Scorpio) birthday with Whoopi Goldberg. 
Day 1! 
(Have you ever seen The Birdcage? If so, I'm reminding myself of Albert right now looking through the baby book! If not, watch it ASAP it might be the funniest movie ever made).

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'll write a real blog post again.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

High Summer

This is my favorite part of summer. It's so close to being over that every day feels more important. The bloom of the goldenrod is my very favorite natural phenomena (I guess it doesn't take much to woo me) and it's getting closer every day. And... 
The tomatoes! They are at their very best right now. I loaded up the other day at the Farmer's Market. 
The corn! 
And I also made some fabulous stuffed zucchini (inspired by Karen at This Old House Too) but mine turned out far too ugly to photograph. 
Also made this cheesecake recently...of course the one time I plan to put a topping on a cheesecake it comes out perfectly smooth 
The fruit on top was a very easy and delicious sauce. Just fresh fruit, 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar, 1 Tablespoon whisky. I used Middlewest Spirits OYO Whisky which is distilled right here in Columbus.  Let sit at least 6 hours. Alcohol is a conductor of flavor and really amplifies the taste of the berries. Not too syrupy. 
I got this LED pink collar for Barbie so she no longer disappears at night.  
This is turning out to be another very haphazard post. 
Got my very first bloom from the 'Elizabeth Taylor' hybrid tea rose I planted in May. 

Also, I'm really trying to become a better gardener not a better shopper so I'm hoping to learn more about propagation. These are rose cuttings taken from a friend's beautiful rose garden. I started them about a month ago, I'm not sure if they'll root or not. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I know very little about indecision. I am the most textbook Taurus you'll ever meet; generally once I have an idea, I stick with it full steam and trust my initial instinct. So it was an unnerving experience for me to be crippled with indecision over PAINT COLOR. I had planned to do a mix of lavender and grey walls. Then when I saw my gold mirror go up I had an entirely new vision. 
The mirror was hung on the unpainted wall, which was white. It reminded me of a frame for an archival piece of art in a museum. It commands attention and I wanted to oblige. I started feeling an all white space where my clients would claim center stage, framed by my massive gold mirror. The walls are Martha Stewart (Glidden) Heavy Cream in an eggshell. I was supremely impressed with how well the paint covered the walls that were covered in stains and blemishes. 

This is what it looked like before:

This piece is great as a second styling station because it is thin and came with a mirror! I thought it was best to do an all white piece instead of try to match another gold mirror. 
How it looked before. The guy who sold it to me told me he never would have sold had he known I was going to paint it. An attitude I despise with antiques but that's another post. 
The hardware has such intricate detail. It's solid brass! A find for sure. I polished with salt and lemon juice. 
Once the mirror was hung it was reminding me of something so specific, but I couldn't put my finger on it. After it was up a few days I had an epiphany: 
Cinderella's coach! See it?

Here in Columbus we have a 4th of July firework display called Red, White, and Boom! This bride is having her wedding tonight downtown overlooking the show. It was fun to have my first bride in the new salon! She did a birdcage veil which I think is a great look. It was wonderful to be able to comfortably accommodate me, the bride, her family, a makeup artist, a photographer, and a videographer. In my old salon I never could have had so many people in my room at once.