Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Past Month +/-

So I just need to admit, I'm over winter. I'll try not to complain though.
They've been frozen at this stage for weeks.
Barbie is equally afflicted by spring fever. No stick, rabbit, deer, squirrel, chipmunk, or especially goose is safe. Poor thing is not pleased by my constant efforts to keep her mud free.
but I don't think she would give up her luxuriously upholstered lifestyle. So until July, when the lawn is dry again, she'll be constantly bathed.
the bread braiding has continued.
my friend Lindsay requested a "Yolanda Foster Power Coiffure". As a Real Housewives enthusiast, I was happy to deliver.

the salon entry has very ugly tile with a pinkish hue. It would have to be jackhammered out, so I painted over it. I used Kilz oil based primer. I've been remarkably impressed at how easily a painted white floor cleans. It also brings in so much more light. At $16 (including roller and tray!) it was an inexpensive and effective answer. A black rug is not my first choice...but with snow, rain, mud, and salt, it's my only option. I hope to switch it out in the summer for sisal. I have a frame in waiting for that painting, and hopefully soon I can declare the entry complete.