Wednesday, August 31, 2016


In  the past few weeks, I've started a few emails to Ellie and then deleted them.  I was trying to be cautious not to overwhelm her inbox with my bullshit.  Most recently I wanted to ask her opinion on a business opportunity.  Sometimes I asked her opinion on table settings or sometimes just to say hi or to show her something I knew would make her laugh.  Ellie was so gracious with her time, her talents, and her spirit.  I think many of you were her friend in the way I was her friend--in our own little world her blog created.  The funny thing about blogs is that they are alarmingly intimate.  We write and read them from our own cocoons of comfort--we may laugh startlingly loud, cry profusely, or experience existential epiphanies completely to ourselves--and then go about our normal days; holding the feelings but not necessarily wearing them for all to see.  I think that shared emotional intimacy connects us despite our many disconnections from one another. 

Ellie, thank you for sharing your soul with us. Your gifts made the world more beautiful from our homes to our hearts. And by granting us permission to have a cig if we really fucking needed one. 

Your Imaginary Friends